ABD Education & Migration PTY LTD – Best Study Visa Consultant In Sirsa

Studying abroad is an investment for your future.

Pursuing overseas education is an incredible investment that provides rewarding, eye-opening, challenging, and pragmatic learning opportunities. It allows you to broaden your global perspective, develop integral skills, and grow professionally and personally. Once you receive your admission letter from your chosen college or university and arrange funds for overseas education, you can apply for a student visa.

Studying abroad is easy with ABD Education & Migration. We have the best student visa consultant in Sirsa who are committed to helping you throughout your admission process with services like:

  • Career Counselling, University And Course Selection
  • Application Procedure And Admission Process
  • Expert Coaching For Standardised Tests To Study Abroad
  • Hassle- Free Visa Application Process
  • Financial Guidance To Afford A Study Abroad Experience
  • Study Abroad Pre-Departure Preparation And Orientation
  • Immigration And Study Abroad Post-Landing Services

Career Counselling, University And Course Selection

  • Once we understand your career goals and analyse your profile, our skilled counsellors will provide you their expert opinion and advice.
  • Based on your career goals and academic records, we will assist you in finding the most appropriate course for you.
  • We specialise in connecting students with the right course in the right educational institution and the right country.
  • Our affiliations with top-ranked educational institutions across Australia, UK, Canada, and New Zealand, allow us to offer you a variety of incredible options.

Application Procedure And Admission Process

Our years of experience in this field give us the understanding that the application process for university admission varies from one country to another. We make sure that your application is sent across only after detailed review and we aim to get you an offer letter from the educational institution of your choice.

Our qualified counsellors will assist you with your application form, resume, the statement of purpose, interview, and offer letter.

We meticulously follow up with colleges and universities after submitting your application and put in our best efforts to get you a quick and positive response.

Expert Coaching For Standardised Tests To Study Abroad

At ABD Education & Migration, we specialise in providing comprehensive, personalised coaching by professionals who ensure that every student performs to the best of their abilities. Our overseas education experts understand the anatomy of different standardised tests and coach you on how to manage your studies and time for the test. We offer specialised coaching on a variety of entrance exams like:

  • PTE
  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • SAT
  • ACT

We also hold mock tests frequently and provide demo classes to help students prepare for the exams.

Hassle-Free Visa Application Process

Attaining a student visa is the most crucial step when preparing to study abroad. Our dedicated team of consultants walk students through the visa application process and guides them on essential requirements for the procedure, thus increasing the chances of success.

Our best visa expert in Sirsa guide you to ensure you have all the necessary documents in place to sail smoothly throughout the process. We boast of a visa success rate that is close to 100%. We are one of the top 5 visa consultant in Sirsa.

Financial Guidance To Afford A Study Abroad Experience

We understand that pursuing overseas education is expensive and students may face monetary problems when aspiring for a global career. So, we provide professional financial guidance second to none.

  • Our expert team helps you look for financial aids and get qualified for maximum scholarships.
  • We provide you with the best possible financial assistance options by keeping in mind your and your family’s finances.
  • Our experts guide you on all financial requirements of the study abroad destination you choose and help you get the necessary documents in order to avoid any problems.

Study Abroad Pre-departure – Preparation And Orientation

The pre-departure process begins when you make plans regarding your program choice and course approval requests. We ensure you are as prepared as possible for your study abroad journey.

  • Our complete pre-departure orientation program helps prepare students for a smooth transition to the study abroad experience.

  • We guide students in a range of aspects like language, culture, post-study / part-time work regulations, as well as networking opportunities.

Immigration & Study Abroad Post-Landing Services

At ABD Education & Migration, we are a dedicated team fully committed to ensuring our students do not face any problems after arriving in the country of their choice. To make the perfect start in your study destination, we can help you with a range of expert services like:

  • Airport pick-up

  • Finding the right accommodation

  • Resume editing

  • Looking for best internships

  • Guidance on work permits and other regulations